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If you don't know what capybara is, just search it on Google.
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[Strange Pair is a project between Mehdi Fekih (the writer) and Astrid Prasetianti (the illustrator)]

Friday, May 21, 2010

Life changes...

"that hurts!". That's what thought Tom after getting beaten by his opponent. But he has to get up again and fight. No time to rest. Get back on your feet and fight! Even if it's just training! The guy in front is really strong and muscular. Tom looks like a tiny shrimp in front of him, skinny and with no shape at all. It's like he is not supposed to be here. Everyone in here looks like a big amount of shiny muscles except him. Even the sword he hardly can manage it or raise it correctly. Usually there's a shield, but he can't use it because his two hands are busy with the heavy sword.

- "What are you doing here? Seriously, what made you think you'll fit in here?
- You don't belong here! You're too weak for this job!
- Go home! you're just wasting your time and ours!"

All the kind words his partners tell him everyday in this training camp. But he's going to stay there and stick to his goal. He's still not really sure about it though, but he's going to continue in this path. Even if it's really hard for him.

Being in the army wasn't always his dream. It never was in fact. That idea looked so silly for him. He wasn't made for that. But he has been a little forced to go there. His village perished with fire after being attacked by warriors. All the people he knew were killed during the attack. He was lucky that day. He was supposed to be in the fields of apple trees but he went through the forest near by. When he came back, it was all burn down.

He was so scared he began to run and run, as fast as he can and as much his legs can do. He didn't know where to go so he kept running, expecting to find something on the way. His final destination was this military camp, where he decided to involve himself to, maybe that will help him to find a way to escape this nightmare.

He has been here since the attack. He never told about it to the others. Well even if they listen. Sometimes he thought of leaving this place, but where will he go? he's got nowhere else to go! Even here he's not very welcome, but he'll stick with this. Maybe with time he will improve his fighting skills and be useful. Let's hope this is soon, because he heard the deployment is imminent, and he will soon face the people whom destroyed his life.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Have you ever thought that you're not in the right place? Like you were supposed to be somewhere else? Like you are sure that life has made other plans for you? Harold always thought that. Sometimes this make him wake up at nights.

Tonight was the same. He woke up again. He looked at the sky. It was full of stars. Usually there was a lot of clouds and lights everywhere, but not this night. Well, maybe he was still dreaming. He has a lot of dreams. Dreams of adventures and epic tales. Slaying enemies, saving princesses, discovering beautiful places around the world. He loves his dreams but it's just a dream, he'll wake up sooner or later.

Harold loved when he saw the stars tonight. Or it was just his mood of tonight. He knows by the others that he will be moving tomorrow. He's so excited to see new places and new people! He likes meeting new faces and new people. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a big journey!

What you don't know is that Harold lives in a zoo. Harold is a capybara, that giant rodent with the dandy look. But Harold is a little different. Sometimes his keepers thinks he understand them when they talk. Yes he do, but he don't show it. He likes when they play with him and he just show them his affection when they talk to him or scratch him under his belly or his chin. He likes human contacts.

He will miss those people. They are like family for him. He knows them since he was born in fact. they looked after him all the time, when he was sick, and always when he was going well. But tomorrow he will go somewhere else. That's why today he showed them a lot of affection and love, to show them how much he is grateful to all the things they made for him. He's so glad to travel but in the same time he is sad to quit these people and this place.

Maybe that's why he is wake up tonight. He's so excited for all this. Like in his dreams. Tomorrow, a new adventure begins!