We're just a strange pair who loves anything about capybara.
If you don't know what capybara is, just search it on Google.
So, please take a sit and enjoy what we
're doing here.

[Strange Pair is a project between Mehdi Fekih (the writer) and Astrid Prasetianti (the illustrator)]

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello all!

Strange Pair have a new project!

It's 366 project!

So we both will post picture(s) everyday until the end of this year.
Every picture maybe will show you our daily life, what we do, what we see, what we feel.
We've been doing it for a week now.
Visit our 366 project here : strangepair.tumblr.com and follow us if you're on tumblr.

Have an awesome day!

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