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[Strange Pair is a project between Mehdi Fekih (the writer) and Astrid Prasetianti (the illustrator)]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Build me a treehouse

First, let me tell you what is a treehouse. It's not the little house on the tree where your kids can go and play, it's a real house that stands entirely on a tree. A real house with all the rooms and everything is hanging in the air. Isn't it beautiful?

Cool houses with cool architecture are so amazing! Especially when there is different floors and stages in the house! Well, actually not all of these house are treehouses. They're more like houses standing on poles, with unsual architecture on an unusual ground. These uncommon houses must be really fun to live in. They seem interesting architecturally and interior design speaking. Why would anyone leave from there?

Jessie walked home from the bus stop. It's been a long time since she didn't get on this road. So many memories coming back makes her feel a little nostalgic. not so much changes around this road, maybe some more houses, but the old ones are still here, same as before. At the end of the road, her house will stand up as always, on that ancient tree, where she left it.

Funny feeling, she hitted the road for so many years, and coming back home is the best feeling she's having right now. She missed the treehouse so much.. She never felt home in all the places she visited. She visited amazing places, but the return to her home makes her feel warm and relieved and her heart began to beat faster.

Soon she'll be home...


  1. well quite good :) but i still can't catch the climax

  2. we love treehouses so we tried to make a story about it.. the story isn't finished yet, so you'll see what is going to happen next time!
    so keep visiting!