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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Tales of a Mountain And a Cloud

Have you ever felt that you're stuck at the same place for a long time?
Haven't able to move your body, your mind, your perspective, and just stay on the same place even when your imagination is somewhere out there?

That's what the Mr. Mountain think about right now.
Mr. Mountain is a big mountain, he has a beautiful landscape, amazing scenery, a lot of secret places that people must visit before they die, and another interesting things.

But he has one thing in his mind.
He wants to see the world.
He knows that he's big and tall and he can see everything from his place, but he has a limited eyesight, and he feels bored for staying there for a hundred or maybe a thousand years.
So he wants to move, go to another place, to feel his skin touching another land, enjoy another scenery, and meet a lot of new friends, new mountains, and everything.

He always waiting for that time to come.

Until one day..

The sky was blue that day, it was a perfect day to spend the day looking at the sky, wondering.
But suddenly Mr. Mountain heard someone's voice..
"Such a beautiful day to travel, isn't it Sir?"

And then Mr. Mountain was looking up, and there's Cloud there, floating above him.
Cloud was a very white creature, with some curls and a fading tail. He was looking down to the land where Mr. Mountain stands still, with a big smile of fullness.

"Don't talk to me about travel, kid!", said Mr. Mountain.
"Oh why so? Travelling is good, I love to travel" , says Cloud.
"Well.. not for me. I don't know how to travel, I don't even know how to move from this place!" , Mr. Mountain answers.

And then Mr. Mountain tells Cloud his story how he wanted to travel so much. It started years ago when he was a young mountain. He was looking at the sky, and all he wants to do is to travel, and to look at the sky from a lot of different places.
But then he grew older, and he realized that his dream would be just a dream, cause he can't move anywhere, he's just a mountain, who will stay at the same place for another thousand of years.

And it makes him very sad..

[To be continue]


  1. ah I lebih suka yang ini. dongengnya bagus sih, tapi kalo gua jadi anak kecil yang dibacain dongeng ini... gua bakal nanya "Udah gitu doang?" dan gak tidur. Kayanya nih dongeng bukan dongeng tidur :P
    btw fontnya bikin keliatan kaya mesin ketik... keren2...

  2. niceeeeeeeee keep going :) i'm waiting for the next text

  3. the story isn't finished yet, we will add the next part later! we write parts of stories to make you come back :D!