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If you don't know what capybara is, just search it on Google.
So, please take a sit and enjoy what we
're doing here.

[Strange Pair is a project between Mehdi Fekih (the writer) and Astrid Prasetianti (the illustrator)]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Strangepair has a new project!
It's a postcard project!

It began when we were talking about how people often use postcards nowadays, and then Mehdi had a cool idea, we should send a postcard to each other. But not regular postcards!
We are going to make them and draw something on them! Homemade postcards! And the drawings we will make will be connected so we can put the postcards beside each other and make a long postcard line!

So keep visiting our blog, we will post the photos of our postcard here! :)

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