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[Strange Pair is a project between Mehdi Fekih (the writer) and Astrid Prasetianti (the illustrator)]

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gathering at moonlight

It's time. It's full moon tonight. It's time to go.
Rabbit prepared his tools before going. Nothing must be forgotten for tonight's trip. He has only one night to do it, so he has to make sure of everything. Tonight he's going to collect some ingredients for his mistress's potion, like he does every month at the same time.

This little rabbit is just the rabbit on the moon which you can see when you look at the moon, especially on full moon. He is the companion of Chang'e, moon goddess for whom he prepare some potion from time to time.

And on every full moon, Rabbit goes back to earth to get the ingredients for his potion and also food. Only on full moon he can jump down to earth, do what he has to do and go back to moon before sunrise! Otherwise he'll be stuck on earth for a month, and he don't like it when he leave his mistress all alone that long.

It's time. Package is ready, let's go. Rabbit took his backpack and headed to earth slowly sliding over the first moonbeams. Yes, when the moon is full, beams appears from the moon to earth. That's his way to get to earth.

Arriving on earth, no time to rest! He needs to go fast to get back to the moon just before sunrise. He knows where to find his ingredients, no time to waste. He goes fast from a bush to another, gathering fruits and seeds and leaves, looking from time to time to the moon up there checking how much time he has left.

After a long night of collecting and gathering, and a full bag, rabbit sit down on a stone, for a little rest, watching the moon. He thought about his friends down here that he miss and promised himself to pay them a visit next time he comes to earth, on next full moon. He likes his job, being on the moon. From up there he can see what's happening on eath, and look after his friends.

Sunrise is approching. Rabbit get his bag, looked at the east where the first lights of the sun were coming, and then he jumped on the last moonbeam, back home to his mistress. On his way to the moon, he looked back to earth saying "see you later beautiful".

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